Waldhorn’s Sommer Fest
(Thursday July 16th– Saturday July 24th Dinner only!)

 3 courses for only $30 per person

   APPETIZERS / VORSPEISEN     (choice of one)

Waldhorn salad or Ceasar salad, or a cup of Gulasch soup

       DINNER ENTREES / HAUPTSPEISEN     (choice of one)
Waldhorn Sampler
Pork “Wienerschnitzel”, Bratwurst and Tafelspitz, served with spätzle,
red cabbage, brown sauce and horseradish cream sauce

 Schweineschnitzel “Wiener Art”
Pork Schnitzel breaded and fried, served with spätzle, red cabbage and brown sauce

Jägersauce served over two breaded pork cutlets, with spätzle and red cabbage

Schweizer Schnitzel
Stuffed Pork , breaded and stuffed with Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese,
served with spätzle, vegetables and brown sauce

Schwäbische Wurstplatte
Wurst Plate – Bratwurst, Knockwurst and Bauernbratwurst served with sauerkraut,
home fries and brown sauce

Rahmragout vom Schwein
Sautéed Pork Tips and mushrooms, in a light cream sauce, served over spätzle, with a side of vegetables

Gegrillter Lachs “Riesling”
Grilled Salmon with a Riesling sauce, served with rice and vegetables

Chicken Nadia
Sautéed Chicken Breast with a mushroom – caper cream sauce and tomato concasse,
served with rice and vegetables

Gemüse Pasta
Penne Pasta, and vegetables tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with a 4-cheese blend
*add  slices of grilled chicken, or breaded pork schnitzel, or salmon for $5.50           

DESSERTS  / SÜSSE SACHEN     (choice of one)

Heisse Liebe
Vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry sauce and “Peach Schnapps”
topped with whipped cream

Served warm, with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Homemade Black Forest Cake – Chocolate cake with cherry filling and whipped cream

***Menu items are subject to change***