Bratwurst Sandwich

Black Forest Cake



(Available Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30 till 3:00pm)
The Dinner Menu will be available during lunch as well

 A small Waldhorn salad with dinner $4.95

Rahmragout vom Schwein  $12.95
Sautéed Pork Tips and mushrooms, in a light cream sauce, over spätzle with vegetable of the day

“Wienerschnitzel” vom Schwein   $12.95
Breaded Pork Cutlets, served over brown sauce with spätzle, and red cabbage

Sauerbraten    $12.95
Braised Marinated Beef served with spätzle and red cabbage

Schwäbische Wurstplatte    $12.95
Bratwurst and Bauernbratwurst served with sauerkraut, home fries, and brown sauce

Käsespätzle    $11.95
Homemade German noodles with swiss cheese, and onion straw,
served with vegetable of the day

Sandwiches are served with your choice of
French fries, German potato salad, or mixed greens

 Waldhorn Chicken Salad Sandwich    $12.95
Freshly roasted chicken, diced, then tossed with apples, grapes & walnuts, in a curry mayo, on a croissant

Schnitzel Sandwich   $12.95
Pork Schnitzel on a pretzel hoagie with bacon, grilled tomato, and Muenster cheese

*Waldhorn Burger   $12.95
8 oz. Angus Sirloin Burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, and onion straw on a brioche
(our burgers are cooked medium well to well done)

 Bratwurst Sandwich    $11.9
Grilled Bratwurst topped with Sauerkraut, served on a homemade Waldhorn Pretzel hoagie

* These products are cooked to order
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness

 We will gladly supply an extra plate for shared meals
A gratuity of 18+% for your server is greatly appreciated. For your convenience, a gratuity of 18% is included for parties of 7 or more.

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