New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve SPECIALS

Poinsettia- $7 Grand Marnier, cranberry juice and Champagne


Crispy Bär Kiss- $7 Bärenjäger (honey liquor), apple juice and Champagne




Carrot-Apple-Curry cup$4.95/ bowl $6.50



Gebackene Hochrippe  $20.95

Herb Roasted Prime Rib served with mashed potatoes,

fresh vegetables, brown sauce, and horseradish cream


Gebackener Lachs  $20.95

Baked Salmon topped with crabmeat, and bernaise sauce, served over a light Riesling sauce, almond rice,

and fresh vegetables


Gebackene Ente  $20.95

Oven roasted duck served with a sweet & sour cherry sauce, potato “Krapfen” and broccoli

 Prices and items are subject to change