Maultaschen Fest

Maultaschen Fest

Feb. 6 – Feb. 13  (Dinner only!)

Homemade German pasta pillows (a true Swabian specialty), stuffed with ground beef, pork, turkey and spinach, and spices

(1) Maultaschen “Margarita” $16.95
Pasta Pillows with tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and fresh basil

(2) Maultaschen “Holzfäller Art”  $17.95
Pasta Pillows with a green-pepper-corn sauce, topped with sautéed bacon, onions,roasted red peppers, and mushrooms

(3) Maultaschen “New Orleans” $18.95
Pasta Pillows with Shrimp, and Andouille sausage in a spicy
Cajun cream sauce

(4) Maultaschen “Cordon Bleu” $16.95
Pasta Pillows gratineed with Black Forest ham, and four cheese blend

(5) Maultaschen “Jäger Art” $16.95
Pasta Pillows with Hunter sauce (mushroom cream sauce)

(6) Traditional Maultaschen Gebacken $15.95
Sliced Pasta Pillows Frittata, sautéed with onions and eggs (Gitta’s favorite)

(7) Traditional Maultaschen “Geschmeltzt”  $14.95
Pasta Pillows in homemade beef broth, topped with sautéed onions

(8) Kartoffel Maultaschen “Vegetarisch” $16.95
Pierogi (vegetarian) with a roasted red beet sauce

All Fest items are served with fresh vegetables

Menu items are subject to change

Legend has it that a resourceful monk at the Maulbronn monastery (by Stuttgart) did not want to refrain from enjoying meat during the fasting period. Therefore he simply mixed the meat with a spinach and vegetable mixture and wrapped it in noodle dough for the purpose of hiding it from God. The Maulbronn Pasta Pillow became popular and was replicated by the country’s house wives.