Dinner Menu


Riesen Bretzel  $12.95
Giant Pretzel, with beer cheese dip, honey-mustard and house mustard

Bratwurst Vorspeise    $14.95
Sausage Appetizer, sampler of assorted German sausages with sauerkraut, and brown sauce

Traditional “Salzkuchen”    $12.95
Pizza Dough topped with sour cream, onions, and bacon

Gebackener Ziegenkäse    $13.95
Goat Cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes wrapped and baked in phyllo dough, with brown sauce and croutons

Geräuchertes Forellenfilet    $12.95
Smoked trout, on toast croutons, with horseradish cream and a salad bouquet

Kartoffelpuffer    $10.95
Two Potato Pancakes with apple sauce

 Suppen und Salate / Soups and Salads

Gulaschsuppe    Cup $6.95       Bowl $8.95

Maultaschensuppe    $6.95
Pasta Pillow filled with meat and spinach in clear beef broth

Waldhorn salad          large $12.95/small $6.95
German potato salad, carrot salad, cucumber salad,
orzo pasta salad, topped with mixed greens in our house red wine vinaigrette

Griechischer Salat      large$12.95/small $6.95
Greek Salad – Mixed greens with Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions,
and Calamata olives, in balsamic vinaigrette

Traditional Ceasar Salad      large$12.95/small $6.95

Waldhorn Wurstsalat    $12.95
Wurst Salad– julienne of Fleischkäse, Swiss cheese, pickles and onions tossed
in its own dressing on a bed of mixed greens
(Fleischkäse, is a finely ground German meatloaf, made of beef and pork)

Hauptspeisen / Entrees

Waldhorn Sampler    $20.95
Pork “Wienerschnitzel”, Bratwurst and Tafelspitz, served with spätzle,
red cabbage, brown sauce and horseradish cream sauce

Sauerbraten    $18.95
Braised Marinated Beef, served with spätzle, and red cabbage

“Wienerschnitzel” vom Kalb   $25.95   (limited availability)
Veal Wiener Schnitzel breaded, and fried, served with French fries, vegetables and brown sauce

Schweineschnitzel “Wiener Art” $18.95
Pork Schnitzel breaded and fried, served with spätzle, red cabbage and brown sauce

Jägerschnitzel   $19.95
Jägersauce served over two breaded pork cutlets, with spätzle and red cabbage

Schweizer Schnitzel    $20.95
Stuffed Pork , breaded and stuffed with Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese,
served with spätzle, vegetables and brown sauce

Schwäbische Wurstplatte    $19.95
Wurst Plate – Bratwurst, Knockwurst and Bauernbratwurst served with sauerkraut,
home fries and brown sauce

Hausgemachte Maultaschen “geschmelzt”    $16.95
Pasta Pillows filled with meat and spinach in a beef broth,
topped with sautéed onions, served with vegetables

*Fleischkäse  $15.95
Fleischkäse topped with sautéed onions and an egg sunny-side up,
served with home fries, vegetables and brown sauce

Tafelspitz    $20.95
Beef Brisket topped with a horseradish cream sauce, served with home fries and red cabbage

Gemüse Strudel    $17.95
Vegetable Strudel, grilled vegetables wrapped in puff pastry,
served over rice and a roasted red pepper sauce

Rahmragout vom Schwein    $17.95
Sautéed Pork Tips and mushrooms, in a light cream sauce, served over spätzle, with a side of vegetables

*Rostbraten      Market price
Grilled Rib Eye Steak topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms, over brown sauce,
served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Gegrillter Lachs “Riesling”    $20.95
Grilled Salmon with a Riesling sauce, served with rice and vegetables

Gemüse Pasta   $13.95
Penne Pasta, and vegetables tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with a 4-cheese blend
*add  slices of grilled chicken, or breaded pork schnitzel, or salmon for $5.50

Gebratene Ente   $28.95
Half Duck , oven roasted with an orange-apple sauce,
served with bread dumplings and red cabbage

Forelle “Almondine”    $20.95
Sautéed Trout, topped with almond butter, served with rice and vegetables

Chicken Nadia    $18.95
Sautéed Chicken Breast with a mushroom – caper cream sauce and tomato concasse,
served with rice and vegetables

Sandwiches are served with your choice of
French fries, German potato salad, or mixed greens

*Waldhorn Burger   $13.95
8 oz. Angus Sirloin Burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a brioche

 Bratwurst Sandwich    $12.95
Grilled Bratwurst topped with sauerkraut, served on a
homemade Waldhorn pretzel hoagie

Schweineschnitzel “Wiener Art” $13.95
Pork Schnitzel breaded, and fried, served with spätzle, red cabbage and brown sauce

Sauerbraten    $13.95
Braised Marinated Beef, served with spätzle and red cabbage

Schwäbische Wurstplatte    $14.95
Wurst Plate – Bratwurst,and Bauernbratwurst served with sauerkraut,
home fries, and brown sauce

Käsespätzle    $13.95
Cheese Spätzle- homemade German noodles with cheese, onions and bacon,
served with vegetables

Children’s Menu / Kinderkarte
For children under 12 years old. A $3.00 adult fee will be added for anyone over 12 years old.

Kids Schnitzel    $7
Small pork “Wiener”Schnitzel with French fries,
vegetables and brown sauce.

“Hähnchenfinger”    $6
Chicken Fingers with Honey mustard,
French fries and vegetables

Käsespätzle    $6
Cheese spätzle-homemade German noodles with Swiss cheese,
served with vegetables

Knockwurst    $6.50
German Knockwurst served with French fries, vegetables
and brown sauce

Eisclown    $6
Vanilla ice cream with M & M’s

Nachspeise / Dessert

Heisse Liebe    $7.95
Vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry sauce and “Peach Schnapps”
topped with whipped cream

Apfelstrudel    $7.95
Served warm, with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Schwarzwälderkirschtorte   $7.95
Homemade Black Forest Cake – Chocolate cake with cherry filling and whipped cream

Additional Special Cakes Available Daily,
Please ask your server

A $1 dessert charge per person in your party, will be added to your check,
if you like to consume your own cake or dessert in our restaurant

Items and prices are subject to change

* These products are cooked to order

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness